Annually, SIUS Exhibition holds under the official auspices of Ministry of Higher Education in Syrian Arab Republic.
SIUS is an academic exhibition with a good reputation among students and youths. More than /10.000/ students take benefit of every year. Through gathering local Universities, academic and training scholarships in addition to registration in Masters and PhD programs.
The launching of first session was on 2014 by holding the exhibition at Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus. An area not exceeding /800 sqm/ with many participating local Universities. In the following sessions, the exhibition witnessed an expansion culminated in the move to fairgrounds in Damascus. In which SIUS coincided with Damascus International Fair with international participation of Lebanon, Malaysia and international organizations with continuous maintenance of local participants.
In the recent session, there was a featured participation of universities of Federal Republic of Russia, Belarus, Malaysia, Lebanon, and Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with an area of over 2000 m².
This session is specialized with the date, in which it will be direct after the issuance of the results of baccalaureate students, in a way leading student to register directly during the exhibition whether local or international university